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The Unger Eye Care Experience
Your Eye Clinic in Troy & Edwardsville, Illinois

We are proud to offer eye exams that not only detect eye diseases at an earlier stage, but also offer a proactive approach in managing and treating your overall health.

Unger Eye Care has been serving Troy & Edwardsville for decades. Throughout that time, we’ve provided high-quality eye care services and vision products.

Our specialty eye care services include:

  • Fittings for scleral contact lenses
  • Vision therapy
  • Myopia control
  • Neuro-optometric services
  • Dry eye treatment
  • Detection and treatment of common eye diseases

We also offer a wide selection of fashionable designer eye frames and sunglasses, as well as all major brands of contact lenses.

Want to learn more about how Unger Eye Care can help keep your eyes healthy and your vision clear? Come visit our eye clinic or give us a call today!

Unger Eye Care can be found at: 534 Edwardsville Rd in Troy, Illinois. and 449 S State Rte 157, Suite 2020, in Edwardsville, IL

Quality Eyeglasses & Lenses

At our eye clinic, you will find top-quality lenses at unbeatable prices. We specialize in high prescriptions and progressive lenses that come with anti-glare, scratch-resistant, and UV-blocking coatings. Visit us today for your eye care needs.

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Eye Exams in Troy & Edwardsville

Unger Eye Care recognizes that clear vision is important in your daily life. That’s why since 1991, we’ve been offering eye care solutions, high-quality vision products, comprehensive care, and friendly and personable customer service.

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Pediatric Eye Care

Dr. Alice Unger and Dr. Thomas Unger, our optometrists at Unger Eye Care, adopt a straightforward and holistic approach to eye care. Their focus is on preventative measures for vision correction and preserving the health of your eyes.

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Friendly accommodating staff! Wonderful care provided by Dr Alice!
3 days ago
- Patti V.

Dry Eye Specialty Contact Lenses

At Unger Eye Care, we understand that vision concerns can touch the lives of both young and older individuals, each facing unique challenges. For those experiencing the discomfort of dry eyes and the added responsibility of supporting a child's educational journey, we offer compassionate solutions. Our Dry Eye Technologies, such as the innovative Lumenis Optilight IPL and Blephex for blepharitis, are not only designed to relieve dry eye symptoms but also provide much-needed relief for individuals who need to focus on their loved ones, particularly children navigating school and life. Our personalized vision therapy programs are dedicated to addressing various visual issues, ensuring both parents and children can experience improved visual comfort and an enhanced quality of life.

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Read About Our Advanced Services
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Furthermore, Unger Eye Care specializes in addressing a wide spectrum of eye care needs. Keratoconus, a condition characterized by the thinning and bulging of the cornea, can impact the clarity of vision and overall eye health. Our expertise in keratoconus management ensures that individuals receive tailored treatments to stabilize their corneas and improve visual acuity. On the other hand, myopia management focuses on controlling the progression of nearsightedness, particularly in children and adolescents. By implementing effective strategies and treatments, we aim to preserve their long-term vision and reduce the risks associated with high myopia. Unger Eye Care is committed to providing comprehensive care, addressing these distinct conditions, and offering individuals of all ages the opportunity to enjoy clear, comfortable vision throughout their lives.

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