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Second Pair Special – 50% Off Lenses

Family With Little Son In The Glasses Store

Save 50% off lenses for each additional pair of lenses!
Enjoy your extra pair as prescription sunglasses, computer specific lenses, or lenses dedicated to your favorite activity like reading sheet music or hunting. Of course, you can use your 2nd pair as a back up pair or simply have a choice of multiple style options.

Insurances are applied to 1st pair only. Restrictions may apply. Purchase of a 2nd frame is required. Speak to our opticians for further details.

This special lasts within 30 days of purchase of 1st complete pair.

July—Dec CL Rebates (1) 1
July—Dec CL Rebates (1) 2
July—Dec CL Rebates (1) 3
July—Dec CL Rebates (1) 4 July—Dec CL Rebates (1) 5
July—Dec CL Rebates (1) 7July—Dec CL Rebates (1) 9