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Visagraph ThumbnailThe Visagraph™, an eye-movement recording device, is the result of more than 80 years of foundational studies in eye movement behavior in conjunction with leading reading research.

The Visagraph™ is an objective measurement tool for evaluating reading efficiency (fluency). The reading characteristics that determine fluency are visual/functional proficiency, perceptual accuracy and information processing competence. These characteristics directly affect the ease and comfort with which we read and comprehend text.

Through the use of infrared sensors, an individual’s oculomotor (or visuomotor) activity is recorded while he or she silently reads an appropriately leveled, text normed 100-word test selection with at least 70% comprehension. To confirm comprehension, each passage reading is followed by a brief series of questions to determine whether or not the subject reads with reasonable comprehension.

Eye-movement characteristics are automatically analyzed, and detailed reports that provide insight as to “how” the individual reads are then generated.

The Visagraph™ takes just a few minutes to measure a reader’s eye movements and compare them to standardized levels. Key measures include reading rate, fixations, regressions, fixation duration, rereading activity, return sweeps, cross correlation between the right eye and left eye and more. The operator can play back the recorded eye movements to simulate them over text a child reads.