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Welcome to Unger Eye Care, where we provide comprehensive eye exams to ensure optimal eye health and vision. Our experienced doctors, Dr. Tom and Alice Unger, use the latest technology and techniques to offer the best possible care for our patients.

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Comprehensive Eye Exam

We offer comprehensive eye exams that include:

  • Determining your prescription
  • A visual field test using the HERU, the newest in state of the art technology
  • An eye pressure check
  • A total eye health evaluation.

We also offer:

  • Advanced iWellness exams, including OCT (optical coherence tomography) and retinal imaging using our Optomap (available in Monaco and California models). These imaging tools allow for better detection of eye conditions and a more complete medical history and baseline reading of eye health, improving the quality of care we can provide!
  • We include a neurolens test, which provides a baseline reading for visual comfort and computer vision syndrome.
  • Our exams also include a basic dry eye assessment. If it is determined that a patient needs a more detailed dry eye exam, we will schedule a separate appointment for additional testing, such as meibography, tear film health, and corneal surface health.
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Specialized Testing

  • For our pediatric patients, we have an IOL Biometer that measures axial length (a marker for myopia progression). This test is only for children who are nearsighted and require monitoring.
  • We also have specialized technology for older patients, such as Diopsys, which is excellent for medical testing and is especially useful for people with diabetes.
  • Additionally, we have the AdaptDX for AMD (age-related macular degeneration) and MPOD (macular pigment optical density); for glaucoma patients, we have B-Scan Ophthalmic Ultrasound.

At Unger Eye Care, we are committed to providing our patients the highest level of eye care!

We welcome you to schedule an appointment with us today and experience the difference that our advanced technology and expertise can make in your vision and overall eye health.

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